Director's Message

Welcome to the COS website.

I love to describe that we as Ophthalmological professionals do on a constant basis. We learn about heath professionals, action for our patients, and delivery services for all  – in hopes that our patients and healthcare provider colleagues will benefit from our ophthalmological society. In over 10 years as an Ophthalmologist I continue on a daily journey of joyous discovery of new technology and information related to Ophthalmology.

A professional Ophthalmologist group established the Cambodian Ophthalmological Society and in 2003 and it was approved by the Ministry of Health with the mission to provide quality of health care services in all facilities in Cambodia and help all Ophthalmological professionals to improve their skills and good relation in their patients.

Our dedicated team at COS strives to provide high quality programming to support you in maintaining your competence, and in providing high quality patient eye health care.

We couldn’t do this without the support of the COS’s members, and I thank the members for their ongoing commitment to COS.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of the health development partners and donors who are contributed and supported COS.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Prof Pok Thorn, MD
Chairman 3rd AECOM
COS President




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  Complications of Pterygium Surgery.pptx

  H&P at CSC Final.pptx

  Natalia Orbital Hematoma .pptx

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  Cataract Surgery with Chronic Uveitis.pptx

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  H&P at CSC Final.pptx

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  Natalia Orbital Hematoma .pptx

  Post Cataract Care in TEH.pptx

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